Enhanced Partnership with GITMO

We are thrilled to announce the elevation of our partnership with GITMO, a cornerstone in the Bone Marrow Transplantation field. This collaboration not only elevates our reputation but also expands the clinical insights into the utilisation of Therakos ECP Immunomodulation in the GvHD treatment algorithm.

We are confident that this reinforced partnership with GITMO will drive advancements in Bone Marrow Transplantation and further our mission to serve the medical and patients' communities.



Key Highlights:

Webinar Collaboration: We are supporting a webinar facilitated by GITMO that will focus on "Therakos ECP Immunomodulation in Combinational Therapy Approaches in GvHD Treatment."

Patient Case Discussion Platform: We are introducing a dedicated platform for discussions of patient cases. This initiative, led by a committee of GITMO experts, invites participation from all Italian hospitals and GITMO members.

Educational Endeavors:  GITMO has graciously agreed to promote Mallinckrodt's educational activities, ensuring that our valuable insights reach the broader medical community.

Strengthened Alliance with ESOT

We are honored to announce the strengthening of our strategic partnership with ESOT (European Society of Solid Organ Transplantation). This collaboration underscores our mutual commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and education in the realm of Solid Organ Transplantation (SOT).

Key Objectives:
Foster discussions centered on the latest scientific advancements and therapeutic strategies, with a particular focus on Therakos ECP immunomodulation.


Strategic Initiatives

Survey Initiative: A comprehensive survey targeting all International institutions to gain insights into the prevailing standard of care.

Main outcomes are:

  • Webinars: Two webinars aimed at disseminating knowledge and fostering dialogue.
  • Workshops: Five specialized workshops addressing critical topics within the SOT domain.
  • Expert Forum: A platform for thought leaders to discuss and deliberate on pressing new challenges in the field of Solid Organ Transplants.
  • Masterclass: An intensive session dedicated to in-depth learning and expertise sharing.

ESOT/ETPO Alliance Collaboration: Engaging discussions to enhance awareness and education for SOT patients.

Patient Education Resources: Dedicated materials to empower and inform SOT patients.

All the aforementioned projects will be spearheaded by a distinguished group of experts, appointed by the ESOT Board. We remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence and look forward to the positive outcomes this collaboration with ESOT will yield.