Bocconi partnership

Developing Leadership in Healthcare

New management training course for Transplant Leaders

Mallinckrodt is proud to sponsor an exciting opportunity with Bocconi University in Milan, as part of our ongoing commitment to training and education.
For a brief introduction, watch the video below from Prof. Rosanna Tarricone.


The full course programme is composed of two modules, each one lasting 3 days:


MODULE I, Hospital Management & Leadership: virtual session - 25-27 January 2022
MODULE II, Innovation and Technologies: face-to-face session – 18-20 May 2022


In our ever-changing healthcare environment, it’s important to stay up-to-date – and so this course will help towards empowering you to drive sustainable and value-based innovations in the healthcare sector, whilst helping you become
a thoughtful leader required in today’s healthcare organisations.


The course is also designed to help you familiarise yourself with new critical thinking strategies, as well as new approaches in assessing and selecting technologies, reimbursement schedules and procurement schemes.


We hope you will find this an innovative education experience.


For further information regarding the course and how to participate, you can click here to register your interest.
Places are limited and subject to approval/vetting by Bocconi. Places are given on a first come, first served basis.